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Eilisys Employee Time and Attendance management system captures scenarios like overtime, shifts, flexi-timings etc. and provides compliant payroll processing data

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Clear Daily Attendance Record
Track of Punch Timings
Auto Generated Leave Balance Details
OD Application Details
Leave Application & Leave History

Seamlessly Incorporates the Organisational Complexities Anytime Anywhere with High Level of Security

Eilisys attendance management software, formerly known as Ascent, has seamless integration of relevant, diverse, and state-of-the-art technologies. The time and attendance management system empowers the workforce and management to record, manage and effectively keep tab on the optimum usage of time for work.
It intelligently enables the use of established technologies like geo-tagging, biometrics, to seamlessly manage organisational complexities of geography, shifts, and time ones. Time and Attendance management system eliminates any human intervention thus eliminating errors and maximises time for productive work.

Configurable and Rule based system simplifies state-wise attendance complexities

Keeping track of the time becomes key to run multiple branch offices across different states in a single organisation. Considering this and factoring in rules across different states, Eilisys time and attendance management system offers immense flexibility and simplifies time tracking.

With a built-in repository of state-wise compliances, that can be regularly updated, the attendance management system provides following statutory reports:

  • Leave card
  • Overtime register
  • Adult register
  • State wise statutory forms
  • Muster roll
  • Form T, 11, 14, 15 (TN), 20, 25 25(PN), 25(TN), 27

Efficient overtime tracking

Automatic shift changes and swapping allows dynamic employee shift tracking. Integrating business rules with real-time data enables the employee attendance
management system to identify and track monthly overtime hours.

With easy reports and notifications to reporting managers, it becomes easy to match overtime data with actual project data. This way, abuse of overtime by employees can easily be noticed and reported.

Integrate with variety of Attendance Entry Systems

The Eilisys time and attendance system provides flexibility to integrate with variety of systems like punch cards, bio metric access, kiosks, smart phones, and facial recognition.

Geo-tagged attendance feature simplifies the attendance process for employees on the move.

Comprehensive Support through “Shift Scheduling” and “Roaster Management”

Workforce planning goes through number of changes in real time due to variety of reasons. Eilisys employee time and attendance system provides automated and efficient mechanism for shift scheduling and roaster management by automatically capturing the shift changes and making the shift swaps.

Enable optimization of labour cost

Dashboards and reports help management gain visibility into productive hours of the teams along with visibility over Roaster versus Actual hours. The system sends alerts to management for deviation of the time data empowering them to do timely intervention.

Exception handling

The time and attendance management system has inbuilt exception handling based on policy. Exception handling in case of absence, missed punches, late in, early out, short
hours and shift variation is effectively managed by the system based on configurable rules. Configurable auto approval of time data in exceptions eliminates management of manual

Sync Time Data with Payroll

The Eilisys time and attendance management software has configurable mechanism to map time and payroll data. The system automates time and attendance data transfer to payroll system. Configurable deduction procedures help adapt to diverse payroll structures and government policy changes.

Email/mobile/SMS notifications for proposed deductions of salary / leave due to exception to designated employees ensures timely action is taken before the payroll is processes reducing last minute anxieties.

The intuitive system empowers managers, supervisors, and employees to evaluate, adjust, and approve time data using user-friendly business rules. On completion of payroll data processing system sends notifications to stakeholders along with report on payroll time data for evaluation and analysis.

Integrated ESS, Kiosk and Mobile App

Employees can have anytime anywhere access to time and attendance data with Employee Self-service, kiosks or mobile app with High Level of Security. Attendance can be recorded using punch cards, biometric access, kiosks, smart phones, and facial recognition. For the employees on the move, the facility to geotag the attendance is also available.
Eilisys time and attendance management software provides role-based access at multiple levels from employee to top management, to view daily attendance, including work-off time like lunch and unapproved requests like leaves and half days.
Using either the ESS, Kiosk or mobile app employees can examine pending requests, which boosts productivity and motivation. Managers can get dynamic oversight with real time attendance dashboards

Built-in Email Alerts

Regularization can happen from right within the email itself. Managers can regularize right within the email and they do not need to login to the system or go into the app. This saves time and ensures convenience
  • Automated e-mail notifications to managers and employees for exceptions like missed punch, in-late, out-early, short hours and shift variation Labour Welfare Fund Challan & Statement
  • Notifications to reporting managers about frequent overtime by employees
  • Email/mobile/SMS notifications for proposed deductions of salary / leave due to exception to designated employees
  • Automated reminders to stakeholders for regularization of missed punch and other exceptions

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