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Fully customized dashboards make human resource data available at your fingertips for insights and decision making. 

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In today’s world the entire world is now driven by data and organisations who lack in realizing this, will find themselves lagging the competition very quickly. Eilisys suite of dynamic dashboards are intended to assist all levels of the company, especially management and leadership, in making wise use data in decision making for organisational benefit.

This suite covers HR Management process like Payroll, Leave, Overtime, Attrition, Exit, Performance, Training and Travel with Expense management etc. The analytics suite comes with powerful in-built tools and has flexibility to create your own dashboards that make sense for your business. This capability helps organizations to build specific analytics dashboards in addition to the available library of dashboards.

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Attrition Analysis

Using MIS dashboard system, you may specify an attrition objective and track attrition trends over a certain period. This data can further be analysed based on your cost center, location, grade and gender.

Your HR and business teams may immediately see areas where attrition has peaked or has stayed high over time with intuitive graphical data depiction, enabling teams to ask the right questions and find the fundamental root cause for attrition.

Minimize Attrition Via Exit Employees Analysis

The solution offers you a graphical view of employee exits over a period and compare that by location and business. Managers can also identify what percentages of employees leaving the organization have completed the mandatory and optional parts of your exit process. Analyse numerous parameters mentioned in exit interviews across locations and business units helps to determine the trends of scores or ratings given by employees. These insights can be used to drive specific actions to optimize attritions.

Track Type of Leaves & Leave Status for Company Employees

Effective management of leaves is key to success in execution. The leave analytics unearths patterns and trends based on leave duration for different dimensions such as specific location, grade and cost centre to find out how the leaves were consumed at an organization level and gain valuable insights into how it can be made better.

By graphically representing the data such as total number of leaves over a period and providing information about number of applications by leave duration the HR and business managers can identify patterns and trends about utilization of leaves, that can greatly contribute to drive actions related to employee motivation.

Analyse Number of Employees & Overtime Attendance Issue

With attendance specific dashboard solution, Eilisys allows you to know realtime attendance across geographies, business units as well as organisational hierarchy. Leader can use mobile app or ESS to know how many employees are working in office currently with cumulative hours of overtime performed across the organization.
The graphical representation in Dashboards also provides average attendance of employees and average hours of overtime performed, which can help you identify potential symptoms of exhaustion and burnout. These signals can assist business and HR leaders in taking proactive measures to resolve underlying issues or implement policies and procedures that enhance organizational performance.

Track Payroll Expense

In any organisation, it is normal to vary your payroll expenses over a defined period. The graphical representation of MIS payroll dashboard can separate onetime costs from “regular” payroll costs, helping you understand the changes in your payroll costs. This enables the HR to separate reimbursement cost from payroll costs. You can also use a chart of payable days vs. paid days to identify the source of the payroll disparity.

Showcase Travel & Expense Scenarios and Helps You Control Budget

Expense dashboards identify which areas business is spending more in terms of travel and finds out top travellers by geography and business. This evaluates travel and expense trends over a set period to determine your budget and discover exceptional trends and isolate them by location and business units to identify key factors.
The MIS dashboards are aimed to provide you with the most visible analytics tool to help control this variable cost. The analytics solution comes with other simple yet powerful in-built tools and has flexibility to create your own dashboards that make sense for your business.
The MIS dashboard solution helps HR and business managers make policy and/or business choices using actual company data. We’re continuously develop these dashboards based on customer inputs, the updated dashboards are made available to existing customers with timely software updates.

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Convert Performance Management Data into Dynamic Insights

The performance management dashboard solution helps track process completion along with performance grading across locations and businesses. This helps understand business and locations performance ratings.
Eilisys dashboard identify consistent performers over past time period and then compare them for compensation and other information to ensure you are paying your top performers across business and location consistently. With many more such features, performance management MIS dashboard allows you to convert your static performance management data into dynamic actionable insights.

Smooth Location Based On boarding Analysis

Eilisys Dashboard to help you identify how many people are there at each location and business during a specific time. It compares your location for overall completion of the on boarding process and mandatory training programs assigned. MIS dashboards showcase employee satisfaction comparison for each employee with on boarding process across locations. This helps identify reasons new employees are joining your organisations and understand trends across locations and business units..

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