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Experience Efficient Leave Management System That Minimises Entry and Maximizes Efficiency

Experience Efficient Leave Management System That Minimizes Entry and Maximizes Efficiency

Eilisys leave management software, formerly known as Ascent, is designed to raise employee experience and minimise time spent in leave management. The automated leave management system is a hassle-free way to consume leaves with minimum entry and maximum reference points available at the fingertips of employees while applying and approving leaves.
The dashboards named ‘unified leave window’ provide real time view of the leave dashboard for optimal workforce planning. The leave management system is equipped with policy and leave plan libraries enabling the management to provide best working environment.

Highly Configurable Leave Policy that is Easy to Use

Eilisys leave management software is highly configurable to ensure compliance to both company policy and government rules and regulation. The leave monitoring system has capabilities to:
  • Store all leave rules in the repository 
  • Enable the leave configuration based on the category 
  • Work with rules pertaining to pending leaves from previous year
  • Enable multi-level leave approvals based on the policy 
  • Provide e-mail notifications to stakeholders on leave application and approval

Updated Statutory Compliances in Leave Management Software

Ensuring regulatory compliance is vital in defining leave policy. The changes in labour laws such as leave rules, overtime etc. can be easily configured in the leave management system greatly saving time while ensuring compliance. The configurations can be made holistically or to a specific category. 
Various reports required for statutory compliance like Muster Roll, Form20, Leave Card, Overtime and Adult Register etc come in built inside the software.  

Increased Productivity with Automated Leave Accruals and Auto Approvals

Save time in processing leave accruals in variety of ways. The leave management software enables designing business rules for auto approval significantly reducing the effort of the supervisor. The leave accruals can be easily processed in variety of dimensions. The dimensions of working days, level of seniority, age groups, periodicity and year end consolidation help in quick accruals with significant time savings.
The system provides flexibility for automated leave accrual on variety of dimensions such as calendar / paid / physical working days, age and seniority, periodicity like month / quarter / semester or year. With the flexible configurable of these dimensions the system enables smooth year end processing for accruals of leaves. This greatly reduces the workload of the HR as well as the interventions by the supervisors and managers.

Simplify Leave Encashment by Defining Business Rules

The smooth conversion of accrued leaves to financial benefits brings in positive changes in employee morale and greatly helps in boosting the productivity. Eliminate revenue leakage by posting overtime according to pre-approved overtime plan. The automated leave management system has built-in flexibility in defining business rules for leave encashment based on the policy of the organisation.
Compensation can be configured as overtime or banking of hours for claiming compensatory-off later.
Different calculation rules for different types of days such as working day, weekly off or public holiday based on extra time worked.
The leave monitoring system is designed to smoothly process the comp -off management with minimum intervention of the HR and Finance staff greatly reducing the burden on them and enabling them to focus on value added activities.

Real Time Dashboards

The managers have at their disposal the complete leave dashboard of their team in real time. This greatly help managers and supervisors to eliminate the conflict in roaster assignment. The comprehensive integrated real time reporting on all aspects of leave management provides a power tool to management for extremely efficient workforce planning.

Useful Reports to Increase Speed and Accuracy

Built with extensive user feedback the system’s extensive library of reports covers practically all reports that an organisation may need regularly or periodically. Detailed reporting includes the following.
  • Reports are available in PDF and Excel formats
  • The system provides dashboard containing all leaves at a glance 
  • Enabling efficient administration of the leaves for various levels of organisation
  • Extensive reporting with variety of reports available for Employee / Managers / HOD / HR / Finance with parameter based built in flexibility
  • The automated leave management system allows users to create customized reports for specific needs

Improved Reliability Through Real Time Leave Calendar Views

The managers have at their disposal the complete leave dashboard of their team in real time. This greatly help managers and supervisors to eliminate the conflict in roaster assignment. The comprehensive integrated real time reporting on all aspects of leave management provides a power tool to management for extremely efficient workforce planning.

Email Leave Approvals Improves Efficiency and Saves Time

Email Leave Approvals
The leave calendar view is available to managers right in the emails with all the information to needed to make the approval decision. The managers can see and approve leaves from their emails, without the need to log in to any app or ESS. This greatly saves their time and reduces the time taken for approval of the leaves.
The calendar view in the email contains useful information relevant to leave applicant to enable supervisor to immediately take the leave approval decision. This information includes:
  • Number of leaves available
  • Last three leaves that the employee applied for and their reasons
  • Information on availability of other members in the employees team
  • The Leave management software allows users to create customized reports for specific needs

Integrated ESS, Kiosk and Mobile App 

The Eilisys automated leave management system can be accessed using the employee self-service (ESS) portal, Kiosk or the mobile app. Thus, employees and management can perform the activities through the device of their choice greatly improving productivity and efficiency. The same dashboard is available across devices.
For managers, dashboard have views based on the role. Managers can more effectively keep track on the activities without being present with the team. This leads to better co-ordination and management.

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