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Robust Contract Labour Management System for effective and efficient contract management

Eilisys comprehensive contract labor management solution automates the creation, tracking, and monitoring of contractors and workers for wide array of businesses.

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Minimize Maintenance of Multiple Records with Automated Email-Based Contract Management Software

Eilisys contract labour management system is thoughtfully designed to keep up with the complex business environments and frequently changing regulatory requirements. Organisations increasingly
employee Eilisys labor management solutions to track real time attendance data for on-premises employees, calculate contractor wise labour cost, balance expenses and remain compliant.
With employee/ contractor master lists based detailed dashboard, we implement a well-defined automated procedure to generate variety of reports for calculating contractor attrition, employee
rate management, daily work allocation etc. Our Worker Management Software can help you better synchronize your operations and enhance your compliance program, leading to an in-depth analysis of the interplay between legal requirements and operational efficiencies.

Why Eilisys Contract Labour Management Software for your HR Needs


Contractor On boarding

Multiple Dashboards & Reports

Compliance Ready Workflow

Realtime Transactions

E-Mail / SMS Alerts

Track Real-time Attendance Data

Eilisys Contract labour management system records the attendance data for all the on-premises employees on regular basis. This tracks employee in & out punches for all the shifts and generate attendance with high accuracy. The software generates all the statutory reports including “Muster Roll” which helps HRs/staffs to reduce the maintenance of multiple records to know the attendance status of a particular employee on a particular day.

Our labour management solution efficiently streamlines the shift scheduling or roster attendance so that contract employees get to know about their shifts in advance. It also manages overtime approvals and generate customized overtime reports as per requirement.

Contract Employee Information Management

Eilisys Contract labour software captures all necessary personal and organisational
information along with proof attachment. The software uses Aadhaar no. to validate
candidate joining and provides each employee with appropriate break days as per policy.
All the data remains stored as the master file within the software and can be accessible
anytime. The software generates employee ID number along with the gate pass only
after all necessary information is entered and verified in the system.

Easily Calculate Contractor and Departmental Labour Cost

Companies often deal with multiple contractors to carry out specific business activities, Thus HR
teams need to calculate billing for individual contractors. Eilisys labour management solution
automatic calculates the exact billing for each contractor separately departmental wise and make
the process easy. This improves the productivity of HR teams and prevents the disputes due to
discrepancies in records or calculations.

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Automated In-built Email Alerts and Escalations

Amidst of all the routine work teams can easily forgets to pay attention to their compliance. To deal with this, Eilisys worker management software has automated in- built email alerts and notifications. The in-built email alerts include,

  • Alerts for excess employee count as per contractor’s RC limit
  • Continuous working employees without taking week off
  • Continuous absent employees based on the criteria
  • Overtime hours exceeding statutory limit and
  • Contractor agreement or license renewal 

Compliance Management

The Eilisys software provides a comprehensive solution to monitor compliance management module. This module not only helps in automating and standardizing all operations but also helps in reducing the manual interventions requirement in total compliance across organisation.

For e.g. The system auto deactivate employee after completion of contract period. The other compliance management taken care by the software include PF/ ESIC contribution register, labour welfare fund register and employee age limit restriction as per rules.

Role-based Customized Reports

Contract labour management software has all the role-based reports you can ask for along with additional option of creating customized reports based on specific requirements.. On contractual basis it is important to track and analyse the productivity, attrition and performance of each contractor. Our solution gives the report for each contractor performance in terms of their employee absentees.

Manpower availability report is another important report where you can track if there is any shortfall of employees in particular location, shift or in their area of work so that it can be filled immediately without hampering the productivity.

For contractual employees it becomes important to organize employee rate management based on employee skill type. The software also has the provision to allocate work for different department on daily basis or as per requirement. At the time of replacement of contract employees, the overlap details will be there in just few clicks to enable effective recruitment planning.

Contractor Information Management

Eilisys Contract labour management software also maintains necessary data required related to contractor which will analysed by the in-house staff evaluating the productivity of the contractor. It includes maintenance of RC, WC along with other details
like PF/ESIC/LWF. Our software tracks bulk registration and bulk in/out updating of contractors and contractual employees. It remains as the master file within the software and can be accessible anytime.

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